Episode Twenty One: Christmas in the Clouds (2001)

It was bound to happen eventually.  We have found a perfectly enjoyable, well made film.  It is tempting to just stop while we are ahead, but then we wouldn’t be the hosts you have learned to love.  So press on we will!  But until then, we take advantage of being thoroughly opinionated to discuss/argue about some of the greatest films of all time.  And we end by crowning the Better With Booze Great Movies Showdown winner!  Congratulations **************! (This information redacted due to Sec. 34 Para. 8 of the “No Spoilers Act” of 2010).  And congratulations to Alyce!  Winner of the podcast contest!  Your prize will be on the way just as soon as we figure out what the hell it is!

Download here


Beers consumed:
California Lager by Anchor Brewing
Liberty Ale by Anchor Brewing
Go West! IPA by Anchor Brewing
Anchor Steam by Anchor Brewing

Episode Twenty One: Christmas in the Clouds (2001)

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