Episode Twenty-Three: Super (2010)

Of all the recent superhero films, this is certainly one of them.  We are joined for this episode by our favorite and most frequent guest host, John McQuaig, who remained unbiased as Glenn and Cameron debate the great movie actresses in history.  Also we uncover Glenn’s thinly veiled obsession with the actress Meryl Streep!  Oh and we drink some beers.

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Beers consumed:
Organic Pale Ale by Samuel Smith Old Brewery
Wild Blue Blueberry Lager by Blue Dawg Brewery
Blizzard of Hops by Troegs Brewing Company

Midnight Special (2016 film) (John)
The Jungle Book (2016 film) (Glenn)
Inseparable (2011 film) (Cameron)

Episode Twenty-Three: Super (2010)

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