Episode Two: All Nighter

J.K. Simmons. You used to see him quite a lot. Usually in something revolving around Law & Order. Now you see him more or less all the time. He seems to be in everything. It’s astounding that he finds the time. Unless he’s got that old school Hollywood studio system mentality. Like in the 40’s, where film studios would make 150 pictures before lunch on Monday. And most of them contained Claude Rains. So basically J.K. Simmons is the modern day Claude Rains. In the All Nighter, the great character actor takes on a starring role. So how well does he do? There’s only one way to find out…

Download link

Our ratings (out of 5):
Glenn: 3
John: 3.5
Cameron: 3.5
Total: 10 out of 15 (we say if you happen to see it somewhere, give it a watch…just don’t go into it expecting anything)

Beers consumed:
Brain Teaser by Tired Hands Brewing Co.
Citra Pils by Pizza Boy Brewing Co.
Spandex Glitter & Egos by Pizza Boy Brewing Co.

***We apologize for the lack of recommendations. Cameron forgot to include it again and the other two did not bother to remind him. Recommendations will return next episode***

Episode Two: All Nighter

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