Episode Five: The Founder

McDonalds. It’s as American as apple pie. More American than Ted Cruz. Probably less American than a mailbox shaped like a tractor. But how did this global giant start? Well as it turns out, it was just a case of a lot of ingenuity, a lot of hard work and a tiny bit of corporate theft. And it is all laid out for you in The Founder, a biopic of the man who started it all (and by started it, I mean happened into it, took it, made a lot of money from it and screwed the ones who actually started it).  It’s as American as McDonalds! Do you want fries with that?

Download link

Our ratings:
Alastair: 3.5
Scott: 3.5
John: 3
Cameron: 4
Total: 14 out of 20 (frowns, burgers, happy meals?)

Beers consumed:
Dayblazer Easygoing Ale by New Belgium Brewing Co.
Churchville Lager by Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.
J.A.W.L. Juicy Ale with Nugget by Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.
Solstice diet by Brasserie Dieu du Ciel
(also finished with some Glenfiddich 12 year single malt scotch)

John: Sicario (2015 film)
Scott: Salvador (1986 film)
Cameron: Stop Making Sense (again), Catch Me If You Can (2002 film), Cane Toad: An Unnatural History (1988)
Alastair: Single Cut (brewery)

Episode Five: The Founder

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