Episode Nine: Sinatra: To Be Frank

Sorry that this episode is a little late getting posted, but we were enjoying our Memorial Day Weekend. But Alastair is back! And alas, Roger Moore is gone. And in honor of Memorial Day, we watch a documentary about the American institution that is Frank Sinatra. A strange collection of talking heads come together to tell you the story of Sinatra that you probably already know. Not without it’s charms, but the whole thing feels a bit slapped together (and the production values are not exactly stunning). Also, Louis Walsh? Seems like a bit of a strange choice for a talking head.

Download link

Our ratings:
John: 3
Glenn: 3
Alastair: 3
Cameron: 3
Total: 12 out of 20 (maybe Doo-bee-doo-bee-don’t)

Beers consumed:
Aphotic Imperial Porter with Cacao Nibs by High Water Brewing Co.
Saison Du Pinacle by Brasserie Dunham
Buzzerkeley by Calicraft Brewing Co.

Alastair: Tired Hands beers (particularly the sours)
Glenn: Safety Not Guaranteed (2012 film)
John: Moana (2016 film)
Cameron: The Stranger (1946 film)

Episode Nine: Sinatra: To Be Frank

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