Episode Eleven: The LEGO Batman Movie

What happens when you take everyone’s favorite childhood building materials and everyone’s favorite childhood superhero and combine them together for a movie? That’s right! It’s Lincoln Log Superman! What a strange rebirth of the franchise that turned out to be. Anyway, we watched the LEGO Batman movie this week. The second in the line of LEGO animated films and the first to feature music by Harry Nilsson (as far as I can recall). Oh and before we begin…I’M BATMAN (that doesn’t really work unless you can hear the voice).

Download link

Our scores:
John: 4
Glenn: 3.5
Cameron: 3
Total: 10.5 out of 15 (we might hold out for the LEGO Gamera film, but for now you could do worse things with your time than seeing this film)

Beers consumed:
Ma! The Meatloaf by Evil Genius Beer Co.
O’Doyle Rules Almost IPA by Evil Genius Beer Co.
Turtle Power Grapefruit Pale Ale by Evil Genius Beer Co.
Shut Up, Meg! by Evil Genius Beer Co.
***Correction: despite what we said in the podcast, Evil Genius Beer Co. is located in the great city of Philadelphia***

Glenn: Father Goose (1964 film)
John: Monster Factory (Polygon Youtube series)
Cameron: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (video game) and Trading Places (1983 film)

Episode Eleven: The LEGO Batman Movie

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