Episode Twelve: This Beautiful Fantastic

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s the twee British film with the unwieldy title that no one is talking about! This Beautiful Fantastic is as British as cricket, the Queen and Chicken Tikka Masala. This movie is basically an Alan Titchmarsh wet dream. An ode to the ye olde English Garden. Also there’s some angsty bits thrown in for good measure. And Tom Wilkinson doing what Tom Wilkinson does best: being simultaneously grumpy and endearing at once. This is at least our third Tom Wilkinson film we’ve done on this podcast. We might as well just become a Tom Wilkinson podcast. I, for one, would have no problem with that.

Download link

Our Scores:
Glenn: 3
John: 3.5
Cameron: 4
Total: 10.5 out of 15 (Pretty flowers!)

Beers consumed:
Tangier IPA by Southern Tier Brewing Co.
Hodgson’s Bitter End IPA by Fish Brewing Co.
Peak Organic IPA by Peak Organic Brewing Co.
Techno IPA by Free Will Brewing Co.

Glenn: 28 Days Later (2002 film)
John: Oldboy (2003 film)
Cameron: Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night (1988 film)


Episode Twelve: This Beautiful Fantastic

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