Episode Thirteen: The Exception

First off, let us apologize for the slightly wonky audio quality on this episode. We’ve been trying out new audio equipment to try to streamline the recording of the podcast, and we’re obviously not quite there yet. But we will improve it for next week we promise! This week we watch the film The Exception, a WWII thriller (featuring no actual war). We also drank some beer and pontificated on Olivia de Havilland, who turns 101 on the day this episode is posted! Don’t forget to write in, by the way, to bwbfilmclub@gmail.com and ask us some questions. Also we have a contest. The first person who emails in with a movie for us to watch and review, we will watch it (the film must be under 2 hours long). And as a special treat for all you listeners, Sarah will be returning next week! So stay tuned!

Download link

Our Scores:
John: 4.5
Glenn: 5
Cameron: 5
Total: 14.5 out of 15 (The Kaiser says it is your duty to go out and watch this film!)

Beers consumed:
Cayuga Cruiser by Ithaca Beer Co.
Daddy Fat Sacks by Roy Pitz Brewing Co.
Green Blaze by Long Trail Brewing Co.
Hop Nosh by Uinta Brewing Co.

John: One-Punch Man (Anime series)
Glenn: Mrs. Miniver (1942 film)
Cameron: The Last Stand (2013 film) and Get the Gringo (2012 film)

Episode Thirteen: The Exception

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