Episode Fifteen: Warlock (1959)

A new era begins for the Better With Booze Film Club as Sarah officially comes on board as host.  And because Sarah has the tendency to see all the new films that have come out over the last year, we’ve decided to once again take off the age of film requirement and open it up to any contenders. Speaking of which, this week we watched Warlock, which stars Henry Fonda in a Henry Fonda role and Anthony Quinn as his creepily dedicated agent. A western for those of you who like a healthy portion of deep psychological intrigue added to your horse operas. Oh yeah, and Richard Widmark is pretty good too.

Download link

Note: Our new scoring system is based on Solid See, See, Skip or Solid Skip…confusing? Probably
Sarah: Solid See
Glenn: Solid See
Cameron: Solid See

Alcohol consumed:
Sheephead Ale by Brau Brothers Brewing Co.
Wheat by Wooha Brewing Co.
IPA by Wooha Brewing Co.
Devil’s Advocate by Church Street Brewing Co.

Sarah: The Bletchley Circle (Television Show)
Glenn: Ready Player One (Novel)
Cameron: Youtuber Jacksepticeye

Episode Fifteen: Warlock (1959)

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