Episode Seventeen: Dunkirk (2017)

Yes that’s right boys and girls. For this episode of the Better With Booze Film Club podcast, we took a field trip to the theaters (separately…none of the hosts actually wish to be seen in public with any of the others) to see the new blockbuster Christopher Nolan WWII film Dunkirk. We are nothing if not topical and trendy. We are also joined by a special(ish) guest and a cat named Morecambe. Oh and some beers. And the Dunkirk spirit! Onward!

Download link

Sarah: Solid See
Glenn: Solid See
Cameron: Solid See
Alastair: Is Going To See

Alcohol consumed:
Virgil 2017 by South County Brewing Co.
Oyster Stout by The Porterhouse Brewing Co.

Sarah: Goon (2011 film)
Glenn: Forbidden Planet (1956 film)
Alastair: Hunger and Thirst (restaurant)
Cameron: Taking Sides (2001 film)

Episode Seventeen: Dunkirk (2017)

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