Episode Twenty Six: Still Crazy

Aging British rockstars go back out on the road in order to relive former glories. And no, this week’s film is not a documentary. But it does capture the desperation and longstanding battles and inner conflicts that would inevitably crop up if it were real. Credit to a great collection of actors, who managed to keep a film that could have easily tipped into broad parody reasonably grounded. If you liked Spinal Tap but felt it could have used more pathos, then here you go…

Download link

Sarah: See
Glenn: See
Cameron: See

Alcohol consumed:
Cloudy With A Chance Of Charcuterie by Free Will Brewing Co.
Josh the Guava King by Clown Shoes

Sarah: Gerald’s Game (1992 book)
Glenn: The Fly (1958 film)
Cameron: The Blacklist (TV Show)


Episode Twenty Six: Still Crazy

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