Episode Twenty Eight: Let Me In (2010)

Horror Month continues here at the Better With Booze Film Club. Today we look at the age-old horror genre: the vampire film. And like the vampire films of old, these vampires don’t sparkle. I say “these”, but really there is only one vampire in Let Me In. And she’s a she. And she’s 12 years old (or 900 years old or however this vampire thing works). Vampgirl befriends Nerdboy in a heartfelt and adorable romantic movie with no blood (except for all the blood…lots of blood). Brought to you the iconic Hammer Films company, Let Me In is a vampire movie for those of you who like your vampires a little less rich and sexy and a little more, well, spider-monkey like.

Download link

Sarah: See
Glenn: See
Cameron: Skip

Beers consumed:
Ettaler Benediktiner Weizen by Klosterbrauerei Ettal
Köstritzer Schwarzbier by Köstritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei GmbH & Co.

Glenn: The Haunting (1963 film)
Sarah: The Five (UK TV Show)
Cameron: Hot Fuzz (2007)


Episode Twenty Eight: Let Me In (2010)

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