Episode Thirty One: Cafe Society (2016)

In this week’s episode, Sarah and Cameron opted to watch the Woody Allen film Cafe Society. And boy was it a Woody Allen film. Featuring Woody Allen (as played by Jesse Eisenberg) and Woody Allen (as the narrator), this is a story that Woody Allen can write and direct in his sleep. Basically a lightly fluffy Allen offering, it still features the same clever (if slightly sleepy) script writing one expects from him. And in the end, we were left with the same questions we are often left with in his films. But would we recommend it? Listen and find out.

Download link


Alcohol consumed:
Caol Ila 12 year single malt scotch

Sarah: Thirteen (BBC television show)
Cameron: Barton Fink (1991 film)

Episode Thirty One: Cafe Society (2016)

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