Episode Thirty Five: Another Harvest Moon (2010)

Ernest Borgnine leads a quartet of elderly actors in a film about the aging processes and death that takes place in a nursing home. Like a realistic version of Quartet (2012), but without all the music. Or the Britishness. Young whippersnappers Cybill Shepherd and Richard Schiff also feature. We would agree visiting a nursing home is never a pleasant experience, but what about visiting a nursing home via the medium of film? Well give a listen and find out…

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Alcohol consumed:
Two bottles from the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society

Sarah: The Shape Of Water (2017)
Glenn: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast
Cameron: The Post (2017) (also mentioned Sawbones podcast and Til Death Do Us Blart podcast *don’t worry, despite Cameron’s claim in the podcast, Til Death is only an hour and a half long, not two and a half hours long!)


Episode Thirty Five: Another Harvest Moon (2010)

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