Episode Thirty Nine: New Tricks

Happy New Year Everybody! We hope your 2018 is excellent, and we shall do our part by continuing to bring you great (well, listenable anyway) podcast entertainment! And we kick things off with a bit of a departure. For this week’s episode we watched the pilot episode to what turned out to be a rather long running BBC television program called New Tricks. The premise is that retired detectives return to service in order to clean up unsolved crimes. Is it worth checking out? (It’s on Hulu by the way).  Well we will let you know in the episode, so have a listen! And thanks for listening everyone. It really does mean a lot! And if you get a chance, write in to wish us a happy new year at bwbfilmclub@gmail.com!

Download link


Alcohol consumed:
Breakfast Stout by Vault Brewing Co.
Green Street SIPA by Hermit Thrush Brewery
Shoutao Peach Slush IPA by Omnipollo

Glenn: Marathon Man (1976 film)
Sarah: Carnivàle (HBO series)
Cameron: Myths & Monsters (Netflix documentary series)


Episode Thirty Nine: New Tricks

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