Episode Forty: The Wizard Of Lies (2017)

Remember that time in 2008 when that guy stole a lot of money from hardworking Americans and ruin people’s lives? You know, the wall street guy. The one who ran that investment company. Phew I shouldn’t have to narrow it down this much. Uh let’s see…the one who actually went to jail? Yeah! That’s the one. Bernie Madoff. Well this is a film about him. And his family. Shakespeare himself would struggle to write such an epic tale of deceit and ultimate downfall. Thankfully Diana B. Henriques did instead. And then Barry Levinson made a movie out of it. But is it any good? Listen below and find out. And if you’re looking for a wonderful investment opportunity, why not check out some other episodes while you’re at it and maybe let us know what you think!

Download link


Beers consumed:
Spaced by Stillwater Artisanal Ales
Golden Delicious by Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.
Sugar Coated Pony Kisses by Stable 12 Brewing Co.

Glenn: Murder By Death (1976 film)
Sarah: Death Comes To Pemberley (BBC Television Series)
Cameron: Cameraman To the Queen (2015 documentary)

Episode Forty: The Wizard Of Lies (2017)

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