Episode Forty Three: The Rewrite (2014)

Hugh Grant stars as a fairly unlikeable but charming cad. I know, right? Who saw that coming? It’s a tried and true formal which Mr. Grant has perfected to an art form. This film takes that art form and adds some very solid performances from equally likable stars. Does this make The Rewrite worth watching? Listen and see what we think…

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Beers consumed:
All by Collusion Tap Works in York, PA
Subterfuge Hazelnut Coffee Porter
Dekkera Dry Hopped Brett Saison
Fuzzy Scrumpit Peach & Guava IPA

Glenn: The Tick (Amazon Video series)
Sarah: Humans (TV series)
Cameron: Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (BBC Series)

Episode Forty Three: The Rewrite (2014)

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