Episode Forty Seven: Remember (2015)

To say too much about this film would detract from a worthwhile viewing experience, so I will only say this: we have been pretty spoiled in many of the last episodes of our humble little film club, and this film helps continue that trend. Mind you, Christopher Plummer could do a one man show about Tiny Tim and I’m pretty sure he’d make it worth watching. Anyway, check this one out! Also, we babble on a bit about the Oscars and who we like. Take it with a grain of salt. Actually probably a couple grains would be good. Also we are now on TuneIn, so you have a whole new way of listening to us should you feel so inclined! We don’t really know how technology works, but we’re trying really hard! (Also we apologize this episode is getting up so late…we are juggling with illnesses and missing podcast hosts!)

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Alcohol consumed:
Obscura Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (courtesy of Bright Cellars)

Glenn: The Sting (1973 film)
Sarah: Mary and Martha (2013 film)
Cameron: Open Range (2003 film)

Episode Forty Seven: Remember (2015)

One thought on “Episode Forty Seven: Remember (2015)

  1. Melissa Otto says:

    Looking forward to this one

    Best! Melissa

    Feel free to text or call (717-471-6127) should you need to reach me more quickly.



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