Episode Forty Eight: Mesmerized (1986)

It is a rather set in stone rule here at the BWB Film Club Podcast that if a film has more than one title, it’s probably a bad film. Well ladies and gentlemen, Mesmerized actually has three titles (the other two being Shocked and My Letter To George). Nevermind that none of the titles actually bare much relation to the film at hand (in fact that key letter in the film wasn’t even to George, it was from George). But whatever, with a cast that includes Jodie Foster and John Lithgow, how could it go wrong? Lots of ways as it turns out. Find out how many by listening to this weeks episode. We also finish up our Oscar chat for the season with some Academy Award trivia and ask the questions no one is brave enough to ask (apparently we aren’t the rebels that you’d think we’d be).

(Editors note: we apologize for the lack of episode this past week, but schedules got very busy and Sarah is now off for a week long vacation…in the wilderness somewhere…questionable)

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Alcohol consumed:
Apothic Red by Apothic Wines

Glenn: The Keepers (2017 Netflix documentary series)
Sarah: Game Night (2018 film)
Cameron: FilmStruck (film streaming service)

Episode Forty Eight: Mesmerized (1986)

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