A Throwback Post: The Seducers AKA Death Game (1977)

Hey everybody.  Unfortunately our podcast recording this past week was cancelled due to snow, but we still wanted to post something for you. As we prepare for our live show in two weeks and the recording of our 50th episode this week, we thought it might be a good time to take a look back at how it all started. This recording is actually the first of 76 so far, but we had a format change and started renumbering, so we do feel that our next episode, in spirit, is our 50th (plus we forgot to celebrate it when it was actually our 50th episode). So let’s take a trip down memory lane. Before the format change, before the new and improved intro, before Sarah, before we knew what we were doing (I know, I know), there was The Seducers, AKA Death Game. The movie that gave birth to our rule that if a movie has more than one title, it’s probably not a great film. So enjoy (and try to be kind, we were just starting out) and stay tuned next week for our 50th episode!

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Death Game

A Throwback Post: The Seducers AKA Death Game (1977)

One thought on “A Throwback Post: The Seducers AKA Death Game (1977)

  1. I have seen Eli Roth’s remake with Keanu Reeves but have not seen this movie. I really want to because Colleen Camp was very hot back in the day. Excited to listen to this.


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