Episode Fifty: The Best Offer (2014)

Hey everybody! It’s our 50th episode! (or 77th if you’re a true fan) On this episode, we watch a film we can’t really talk about, Sarah overanalyzes everything, Glenn gets testy over Carrie Pilby and The Darkest Hour seems destined to win another award. Also our official #podcat Morecambe gets a namecheck and we drink three very good beers. Join us for this extra special 50th episode!

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Alcohol consumed:
Blueberry Peach J.R.E.A.M by Burley Oak Brewing Co.
365 Anniversary Pale Ale by Funk Brewing Co.
Stellar Phase Pale Ale by South County Brewing Co.

Glenn: The Terror (TV Series)
Sarah: Touching the Void (2003 film)
Cameron: Truman (David McCullough book)

Episode Fifty: The Best Offer (2014)

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