Episode Fifty One: Victoria & Abdul (2017)

A film in which Judi Dench is equal parts adorable and badass? Sign us up please! Although that’s basically all of Judi Dench’s roles. And, we can only hope, Judi Dench in real life. In fact we’re thinking of reformatting into an all Judi Dench based podcast. The Dench Report. I think it could work. This is the second time Judi Dench has played Queen Victoria. And the most important question we have to ask: did she ever get a good mango? We can’t help but feel this movie missed out on that most crucial part of the history. Oh and we drink a lot of wine. Enjoy!

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Wine consumed: Mojave Rain Merlot 2016

Glenn: Safety Not Guaranteed (2012 film)
Sarah: Loving (2016 film)
Cameron: The Wages of Fear (1953 film)

Episode Fifty One: Victoria & Abdul (2017)

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