Episode Fifty Two: A Quiet Place (2018) LIVE!

Hey everybody! Here it is! The special fifty-second episode! And what makes it special? Well we recorded it live in front of a studio (theater) audience! That’s right, we joined our fellow movie goers at Penn Cinema in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for a special screening of A Quiet Place and they stuck around (most of them) to listen to a recording of our humble little podcast. A good time was had by at least 52% of the people there! And now we are posting it so you can enjoy it as well! It actually went surprisingly well. Also, maybe spoiler alerts? But not really.

Download link


Beers consumed:
Cocoa Bourbon Nibbler by Dark Horse Brewing Co.
Cloudification by Liquid Hero Brewery
Orbital Tilt IPA by Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.
Concord Grape Gose by Southern Tier Brewing Co.

Sarah: Ex Machina (2014 film)
Glenn: Casino Royale (2006 film)
Cameron: Pootie Tang (2001 film) (thanks audience!)




Episode Fifty Two: A Quiet Place (2018) LIVE!

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