Episode Fifty Eight: Strange Brew (1983)

Oh Canada! On this episode of the Better With Booze Film Club Podcast, a celebration of all things Canadian, as we explore the legacy of a film masterpiece.  Inspired by our friends over at @FlicksXRayed (referred to several times on this episode as Films XRayed…sorry!), we screened the SCTV-based Strange Brew starring Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas as the McKenzie brothers. And as there is no sane way to describe this film, I would suggest just checking it out (and I will say…”better with booze” is probably apt for this film). So sink your teeth into that Crispy Crunch, slip on that hockey mask and join us as we venture up North!

Download link


Beers consumed:
Labatt Blue Light
Molson Canadian
Molson Golden
Moosehead Lager

Glenn: Game Night (2018 film)
Sarah: Killing Eve (TV series)
Cameron: Scanners (1981 film)

Episode Fifty Eight: Strange Brew (1983)

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