Episode Sixty: XTC: This Is Pop (2017)

XTC is the greatest band few have heard of.  But the people who have heard of them? We’ll they’re pretty obsessed. This Is Pop takes a look at the inner workings, the highs and lows, the personal and professional dynamics that helped to create one of the greatest pop groups to come out of England. And how those same factors can determine whether such a band will join the pantheon of iconic groups or fade into musical obscurity. We would normally have something funny to say in this writeup, but we are so impressed by both this film and this band that we want you to take it seriously as well. Listen and watch, and together we will all come to appreciate XTC.

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Alcohol consumed:
Arcanic by Wicked Weed Brewing
El Paradiso by Wicked Weed Brewing
Oscar Aged In Blackberry Whiskey Barrels by New Belgium Brewing

Sarah: Ocean’s 8 (2018 film)
Glenn: Stargate (1994 film)
Cameron: The Wrecking Crew (2015 film)

Episode Sixty: XTC: This Is Pop (2017)

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