Episode Sixty One: Death Wish (2018)

I will state right off the bat that Bruce Willis is #notmyKersey. Charles Bronson will always be the best at playing a man seeking revenge. Alright maybe Bronson and Clint Eastwood. But here we are, with another Hollywood remake. To be fair, the originals were not exactly cinematic masterpieces. So maybe it’s not such a bad film to be remade. Even if the results are just good, it’ll still more or less live up to what came before. But I hope Bruce Willis has cleared out his schedule, because they made about thirty eight of these films back in the day. Good luck, Bruce!

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Beers consumed:
Hoppy Palm by 7 Brewing Co.
New Normal by Crossroads Brewing Co.
R&D IPA by Funk Brewing Co.

Sarah: The Tale (2018 HBO film)
Glenn: The Theory Of Everything (2014 film)
Cameron: Conspiracy (2001 HBO/BBC film)

Episode Sixty One: Death Wish (2018)

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