We the undersigned are the members of the Better With Booze Film Club.  Our mission is to watch obscure movies and talk about them so you don’t have to.  Or something. Also alcohol. Definitely with the alcohol.

Cameron Furman
President, Chairman of the Bored

Alastair Peters
Vice President, Chairman, Committee on the Investigation of Artistic Merit

Glenn McQuaig
Secretary, Chairman, 1980’s Committee and Keeper of the Mind Blowing Movie Trivia

Dan Zdilla
Chairman, Dogs Are A Man’s Best Friend Committee

Isaiah Hegedus
Chairman, Booze Recommendation Committee and Committee on Graphic Arts

Taylor Rice
Chairman, Committee for the Re-Election of the President

Brendan Acebo
Chairman, Tasting Committee

John McQuaig
Chairman, The Sons of Glenn McQuaig Committee

Steven Jostes
Chairman, Maybe It’s Maybelline Committee

Scott Martin
Chairman, The ‘stache Memorial Fundraiser

Sarah Latta
Chairwoman, The Positive Female Influence Committee